Sciatica is a disease affecting more and more people every day and is often described as a sudden pain that occurs along the nerve called known as the pericardial nerve. The pericardial nerve stretches from the lower back, hip, and the length of the entire leg, so it comes as no surprise that it is the thickest and the longest nerve in the human body.

Sciatica occurs when the disc (located between the thigh/lumbar vertebrae) squeezes a portion of the sciatic nerve. When the disc is in its normal position (without the disk coming into contact with the nerve structures), but when it slips out of its (prolapsed) position, it presses the nerve causing pain. The sciatica nerve is actually a mixed nerve that provides sensory and motor stimuli, which means that any pressure on it can affect sensory and motor functions, and can cause leg pain or numbness in the leg or muscular weakness. What is sciatica? 


Although the pain associated with sciatica is strong, most patients can find pain relief within a matter of weeks. However and for certain few, the pain can be continuous even after a period of six (6) weeks of treatment, at which point surgery may be required. The aim of surgery is to prevent the disk placing pressure on the nerve and causing pain.

Sciatica is a disease of a type of neuralgia, and it is a pain that appears (and occurs) in the area where the nerve is innervated. Pain occurs when pressure is applied to the pelvic nerve, specifically located and delivered from the spinal cord. The same pressure may also be as a result of a prolapsed disc or spondylosis.


What is important to mention and keep in mind, is that the length of actual sciatica pain can be minimized by avoiding activities that cause such pain, and that the best ‘treatment’ for this pain is patience and rest. If necessary, it is advised to take sick leave, because you should avoid repeating and doing activities (even light chores) that may cause pain. Your health and the general wellbeing of your back/spine must be your priority.

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